Refund Policy


Customer has the right to request for refund as per our refund policy stated below. Refunds once approved may take up to 30 days to be processed.

1)      Customer’s must request a Refund by contacting our customer service team at 1-866-857-3140

2)      Refund is processed the same way as how the original payment was made, for example Credit card payments are refunded back on to the same card.

3) must receive back at customer’s expense any rented equipment prior to a refund being processed.

4)       (“Commitment”) If you accept an equipment upgrade or other promotional or plan benefit(s), such as a free month of Service, free installation, a rebate or other incentive, there may be a commitment associated with the benefit(s) you have accepted. To the extent there is a Commitment, it begins on the date you activate the new equipment or accept the promotion or benefit. The Commitment period will be disclosed as part of the promotion or plan. If you disconnect the Service(s) prior to the end of the Commitment period, you agree to pay Inc. a recovery fee in an amount equal to the difference between the price you paid and the regular price of the goods, Service(s) or other benefit(s) you received at the time the Commitment period began. Recovery fees are cumulative and in addition to any other charges or fees you may owe

5)      No refund(s) is applicable in case of cancellation prior to Internet installation(s) due to delays beyond our control (regular Internet installation(s) timeframe is 7 to 10 business days)

6)      Neither non-usage of the Service(s) nor misdialing while using the Service(s) entitle you to a credit for, or refund of, any portion of a payment made to us.