15 May Hello World!

Hello World!

For our very first blog post – we want to share our story of why we first started our telecommunications company.

As avid users of the internet, we constantly absorb information online; from what is happening locally to what it is going on around the world, the internet keeps us connected and is an absolutely marvellous thing – but what isn’t so marvellous is the headaches the come with paying for our internet services. While we won’t mention any names, these telecommunication giants have always left us dazed and confused each time we try to understand our monthly bills. As though it was written in some other language, our internet and phone bills were definitely not easily digestible. This often would lead to long wait times on the phone to unfavourable discussions with phone agents who clearly had no idea how to decrypt their own bills. A quick search online affirmed that we were not the only ones dealing with this frustration – from the overwhelming amount of complaints and stories we sifted through, we soon realized that there was national epidemic in dealing with these telecommunication companies.

What inspired Canfone to come into existence is the need for fast and reliable service that is founded on exceptional customer care. We want all our clients to know that they matter to us and we work hard to ensure that they are consistently happy. If you have any questions for us, at any time please feel free to call or email us at: (514) – 360- 6123 ext 106