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Our Entry Level 5 Mbps package is easy on the pocket but fast enough for everyday use.

All our internet packages come with unlimited data "same bill always" guarantee!

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Equipment Options

Rent to own Modem 3.0 and FREE WiFi Router

$10 per month for 12 months

Buy Modem 3.0 and FREE WiFi Router


Canfone TV is now available!

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57 great channels at one low price!

Add additional channels anytime.


Roku or Apple TV Required


57 great channels at one low price!

Add additional channels anytime.


Roku or Apple TV Required


Choose a device option:


$20 (one-time charge)

Activate your TV subscription with a $20 provisioning fee when you bring your own device.

Purchase a Roku

$69.98 (one-time charge)

Buy a Roku for $69.98 which comes preconfigured and activated for Canfone TV.

Add a Phone Package


$15 monthly

Canada-wide Unlimited Calling


$25 monthly

USA and Canada Unlimited Calling


$35 monthly

Worldwide Calling

Installation Process

It takes approximately one week for the service to be installed and the first possible date will be offerred once the order has been processed. Should the confirmed date not be convenient we would be happy to work with you to reschedule your installation. Please note that someone of legal age will need to be present at your home for technician to complete the installation.

Please use the comment field to let us know the best days and hours and we will arrange accordingly. Less constrictions will result in quicker installation

Note for Install:

After your initial term, the regular monthly rate of $45.00 + HST plus any rent to own equipment will be charged to your credit card on the day of installation each month for 12 months after which only your monthly service charge will be billed until service is cancelled.

If the service you have selected is not available in your area we will contact you to change packages or refund your order.

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