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15 May Random charges

If you’ve had a long and unpredictable relationship with your telecom provider regarding your internet bill, you are not alone. Canadians across the nation have all felt the frustration of dealing with unexplainable and erratic charges on their monthly bills that often leaves everyone mystified – including the representative on the phone who can never seem to answer why there is a random charge for $13.78 on your statement.

It was this common, unifying frustration that inspired us to build a company that would defy all myths about Telecommunications companies. Canfone is here to set the record straight and to prove that we are not all the same.

Our billing system is consistent and reliable, but it is the service attached to it that is unmatched by any other company out here. If there is something you need clarity on or assistance with – one phone call is all it will take for us to resolve your concern. There is no long, gruelling and exhaustive phone experience that will leave you absolutely aggravated. And you know why? Because we respect your time, and we understand that it should be better spent with your family and loved ones. Here at Canfone we strive to be different, because we can and we care.