Our Values

Exceptional Customer Focus

Our customers are number 1. We are committed to consistently exceeding customer expectations and will survey our customers so we know we are performing. We build strong long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Strive for Excellence

We deliver high quality in all of our work. The basic requirements are not sufficient, we exceed customer expectations through value delivery. We ask ourselves, how can we make this better? how can we make it faster? how can we make it easier for our customer and our customers’ customers? We have a relentless drive for excellence.


We are committed to learning, to experimenting, to exploring the unknown in the pursuit of developing new technologies for exceeding our customers’ expectations.


Every employee in our company is part of one winning team that is making a difference to our customers everyday.


We are committed to consistently demonstrating high ethical standards through open communication to our stakeholders.


In order to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations, we must delivery quickly without compromising quality.

Our History

Company founded on April 25, 2000

eStore Premium service launched, May 2003

eDedicated Servers hosting service launched, August 2003

Canada Post Partnership announced, February 2005

Canfone.com Inc. secures dedicated rackspace out of Montreal data centre, December 2006

Canfone.com Inc. acquires 8inet.com hosting customer base, January 2007

Canfone.com Inc. acquires InsightHost.com hosting customer base, February 2007

Canfone.com Inc. opens Montreal, Quebec office, March 2008